Blasted Church Vineyards – 10 Year Anniversary Party at Tap & Barrel

To celebrate their 10th birthday, Blasted Church held a #BlastedTweetup at Tap & Barrel in False Creek’s Olympic Village.
We visited their vineyard in Okanagan Falls earlier this summer (click here for the post), and were blown away by how many different wines they had in their wine shop. We were delighted to learn that they had partnered up with Tap & Barrel to serve some of their wines on tap, so it seemed like a natural fit to have the party there.
Tap & Barrel
Once you enter Tap & Barrel, you’re greeted with what looks like an endless number of beer and wine tap handles at the bar, matched by an almost equal number of kegs behind them. They definitely represent their name well! Their second floor is host to more tap handles and more seating space. There are great patios on both floors, which make it a great place to hang out especially during the warmer months. Their second floor balcony boasts pretty views at night, with BC Place to its left and Telus World of Science to its right. There’s also a cozy private section at the end that is decorated with bookcases, a beautiful light fixture that is made out of old city street lights, and a comfy sofa. It almost has the feel of a glamourous dining room or den.
Blasted Church media tastingTap & Barrel lights
False Creek Olympic Village
The tweetup was held on the second floor, with lots of new and familiar faces, with also a wine media tasting happening in the private section. Blasted Church wines were on special that night, and I ordered a glass of their Big Bang Theory. I couldn’t decide what to eat that night, so I went with their Quebec St. poutine. It was a mighty big dish for one person, and I barely finished it.
Earnest Ice Cream
Special appearances were made by Ben Ernst and Erica Bernardi from Earnest Ice Cream, who handed out samples of their special edition Chocolate Amen ice cream, and also Eric from CocoaNymph Chocolates, who walked around and handed out chocolate ganaches to the guests. Both chocolate treats incorporated Blasted Church’s Amen port, and they were both amazingly delicious. The ice cream was so rich with chocolate that I thought it would never dissolve in my mouth, which was a good thing. The CocoaNymph chocolate was also rich, and I only wish I was able to have more.
CocoaNymph Chocolates
Tap & Barrel charcuterie#blastedtweetup
It was also a blast to see some of their older wines and labels, and it gave us a chance to appreciate how long they’ve come in just a decade. Does anyone remember their labels before they switched over to the three-dimensional clay models that are currently on their labels?
Blasted Church Vineyards vintage labelsBlasted Church vintage labels 2
Having won many wine awards in 2012, Blasted Church is one vineyard to look out for as they’re constantly coming up with great blends. You can visit their online store or your nearest private liquor store for the greatest selection. I know Legacy Liquor Store in Olympic Village has a big selection. So don’t wait, drink up and be merry!
Blasted Church media tastingTap & Barrel & Blasted ChurchBlasted Church Media Tasting 2

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    Amazing event!! Thanks T&B Team, Blasted Team, Guests, Rockstars… what a night!!! 

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