In the House Festival – 10 Year Gala

The In The House Festival 10 Year Gala was actually a birthday celebration for In The House, a festival now in its 10th year. The actual festival takes place later next month from June 7- 9. The gala took place at Famee Furlane Hall in East Vancouver. It was a fun evening filled with performances, auctions, and even a chocolate fountain.
Dianna David & Travis Lim
Above: Dianna David and Travis Lim take to the stage, each performing dance routines inspired by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Travis (background), at the age of 7, was titled International Star of the Year, International Actor of the Year, and International Dancer of the Year, 2010. Dianna (foreground), is a self-taught dancer who has performed for the Performance Mix Festival in NY, and Cirque du Soleil’s Opening Gala, just to name a few.
Lost & Found Puppet Co.Melissa Aston (Cosmo)
Left: Lost & Found Puppet Co.: Maggie’s puppetry has been featured in Earth(ling): A Festival for Youth, Activism, and Art, Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Western Front, In the House Festival, and Walking Fish Festival. She has been involved with “We’re All in This Together”: The Shadows Project, Vancouver Moving Theatre and “Condemned” a DTES Community Opera. Right: Melissa Aston, aka Cosmo, studied circus clowning at the Clown Conservatory in San Francisco. She has performed all over the USA, touring with the Ringling Brothers and Circus of the Kids.
Palma Performing ArtsSamba Fusion - Brazilian Samba
Left: Palma is Canadian dancer of multicultural heritage. She has been a professional flamenco dancer for over 20 years. Both lyrical and dynamic, Palma’s performances evoke themes that transcend cultural boundaries. Right: Samba Fusion is a Vancouver-based dance group whose roots are based in Brazilian Samba, fused with numerous dance styles, music and rhythms.
Now or Never CrewChris Murdoch
Left: Now or Never Crew is a b-boy crew which has travelled the world, representing Canada in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, and the USA. They were featured at the 2010 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony, and also So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Right: Chris Murdoch weaves a spell of enchantment with a crystal ball contact juggling act, Polynesian fire dancing, and rhythm instruments from around the world.

It was certainly a talent-filled evening, and it gave us a small taste of things to come for the actual In the House Festival. Here is more information:

Time: Box office opens at 5 pm on June 7 and noon on June 8 + 9.
Community potluck is from 11:30am-1:45pm on June 9.
Address: Various houses around Napier and Victoria. Box office will be on Napier just east of Victoria.
Community potluck will be on Lily St.
Tickets: To purchase tickets online, go to
They will also be available at Highlife Records on May 15th. (1317 Commercial Dr.)
Single tickets: $15 adult / $10 kids
Single tickets for the circus finale: $25 adult / $15 kids
4-show pass: $50 adult / $30 kids
Weekend pass: $95 adult / $75 kids

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