Jack Daniels Sinatra Select – Canadian Launch at Clough Club

I recently attended the Canadian launch event for Jack Daniels Sinatra Select, a whiskey crafted to honour Frank Sinatra’s fifty-year friendship with Jack Daniels. The famous American singer and actor was a huge fan of JD and would regularly praise him on stage. This special edition 90-proof (or 45% alcohol) whiskey is specially crafted inside proprietary oak barrels, which are etched by hand with grooves to allow for more barrel to whiskey contact. This process gives the whiskey a bolder, oakier taste, with a smooth vanilla finish.
Hosted at the Clough Club in Gastown, we were treated to featured cocktails like the Gentleman Sour, straight whiskey, small bites, and even a whiskey tasting session.
Sinatra would always have 2 fingers of Jack Daniels with three or four ice cubes, the rest water, in a traditional rocks glass. “This,” he would say, “is a gentleman’s drink.” “This,” he would say, “is nice.”
We were joined by several food bloggers including Kevin and Janice.
This special 1-litre bottle is presented in a stylish gift box with a keepsake book telling of the friendship between Jack Daniel’s and Frank Sinatra. The result is a distinctive expression of style and grace, in keeping with the kindred spirit that it honours. I’m a pretty big whiskey fan, so I’ll definitely be looking for this on liquor store shelves in the near future.

Photo credit: Mark Kinskofer

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  1. Andrew Fleming says:

    Tasted great but, at $165 a bottle, a wee bit out of my price range. Here’s my own take on the same event. tinyurl.com/kkdr2ms

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