Tommy Europe and Best Buy Presents: Bootcamp and VIVA Products

If you’re like me these days, you’re likely quite busy trying to keep up with your full schedule. Improvements in technology have helped us accomplish more at work, home, and as well at the gym.

VIVA from Best Buy and leading fitness expert and celebrity trainer Tommy Europe recently teamed up to deliver a bootcamp session in Vancouver to showcase some great workout products and tools to help keep you fit and stay on track all year round.

VIVA is a new online lifestyles brand that focuses on personal health and well-being products. With over 5,000 products in their Health and Wellness category, VIVA also has products in various other categories including Personal Care, Baby, Naturals, and Beauty and Style.

For 2 hours, Tommy showed guests various exercise products that can be used for workouts. One of the biggest trends in technology these days is wearable tech – like fitness trackers, smart watches and digital pedometers. These are becoming increasingly popular as Canadians become more interested and conscientious about tracking their fitness activities in order to meet their individual goals.

I was given the Fitbit Force to try, and so far have been using it this past week. It was an eye-opening experience, and I was particularly drawn to tracking the number of steps that I took each day, as my results varied based on my activities throughout the week. All the data collected from the Fitbit can be synced to their online system to allow you to track your progress over time. I’ve shared my first week’s results below so you can see the spikes and dips in my daily activity.


Although I’ve always kept track of my fitness goals at the gym, I’m now more conscious of my activity levels outside of the gym. Instead of eating lunches at my desk, I’ll make an effort to go for walks before I get into my afternoon routine.

Other products that I enjoyed using were the Everlast Quick Adjust Resistance Band and PurAthletics Push-up Bars. The resistance band is adjustable in length, so you can adjust the tension, thus eliminating the need to own multiple bands. I like the push-up bars because they’re easy on the wrists, which is great for me.


push up bars

The Zenzation Athletics Premium Yoga Mat and Everlast Plank+ Ab Station will come in handy when I’m doing floor work. I have a set of free weights at home, but with the addition of the Everlast Aerobic Step and Anti-Burst Fitness Ball, I can enjoy a greater variety of exercises. Thanks to VIVA and Tommy, now I  have no excuses to stay fit even after a busy day. This gear will allow me to build up my home gym.

steps bands

Tommy Europe not only provides in-person training and health and wellness bootcamps, but he’s also produced a fitness program called TE60 Shred. This series of workout videos focuses on different areas of your body, and includes a meal plan and a 60-day workout calendar for maximum results.

Be sure to check out the VIVA on Best Buy’s website to view their entire product catalogue and to learn more.

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