Top 5 Most Memorable Travel Adventures of 2014

At Pangcouver, we believe that everybody should be empowered to realize their limitless potential, and we hope that our blog inspires others to live every day to the fullest. For those who know us either personally or through our blog, it’s pretty obvious that we both love indulging in travel, wining and dining, and enjoying whatever adventures come our way. Travelling is something that we’re both tremendously passionate about because it opens our eyes to new experiences, cultures, and people. It is our love for travel that really prompted us to start our blog 2 years ago, which was originally supposed to serve as just a personal diary of our travels. Now that we’ve built up an audience, we hope that you continue to enjoy reading about our lives and our experiences, but above all, we hope that you find our posts helpful and inspiring.

American Express believes that exploring your passions and interests can help you to live a richer and more fulfilling life. Their brand philosophy is in line with ours and that is why we use our American Express Card for many of our adventures. Traveling and exploring new cultures is what inspires us, and that’s what living an Amex Life means to us. There’s so much out there to see and we gain a more complete perspective of the world with every trip we take. With that being said, here are some of our 5 most memorable trips from 2014:

5. Spring Break in Cancun

This was our first all-inclusive trip ever, and we really just wanted to go somewhere warm to escape the rain back home. May had also never been to Mexico before, and I also hadn’t gone there since I was a child. Now that we’ve seen Cancun, we’d definitely consider exploring other cites in Mexico.
Sandos Cancun

4. Food for the Seoul

We love Korean food, so we really enjoyed our gastro vacation to Seoul. From eating live octopus, to eating delicious fried chicken and dumpling noodle soup, we definitely packed on some extra pounds on this trip.
Noryangjin Fish Market

3. Weekend in San Francisco

San Francisco definitely ranks high on our list of favourite cities in the world, so it’s always nice to get down there for a weekend. We’re always discovering new neighbourhoods, new sites, and there’s no shortage of great restaurants to eat at. On our most recent visit, we were even lucky enough to catch a food festival in Oakland.

2. Paradise in Kauai

Paradise on Earth. Everywhere we looked, there was a picturesque landscape that belonged on a postcard. From kayaking in the jungle, to surfing in Hanalei Bay, and horseback riding on the beach, these were just some of the things that we did during our 1-week press trip.

1. Fast & Furious in Japan

Japan had been on our must-visit list for years, and we finally found the time to make it happen. We crammed a lot into our 6-day, 6-city trip, as we started in Tokyo and made numerous stops on our way to Osaka. From the concrete jungle in Tokyo, to the small post towns in central Japan, and eventually to the foodie haven in Osaka (where we had the best ramen ever), it was an amazing trip and the travel highlight of our year.

Our lives have been enriched by all of our travel experiences and we love sharing them with you on our blog. As we try to inspire you to travel we want to see your enriched life through your travel photos! Share them with us and @AmexCanada on Twitter and tag them with #AmexLife as we try to inspire living your best life! Your photo may be featured as fan photo of the week!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Amex Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely our own.

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