Brewery and The Beast – 3rd Annual Festival of Meat – Vancouver #meatfestyvr

Brewery and The Beast is the premier summer event for meat and beer lovers in Vancouver. Set along False Creek on the Concord Pacific grounds, this event attracts hundreds of beer-drinking carnivores every year. With over four dozen of the hottest and most popular restaurants and farms from Vancouver to Whistler represented here, you can be sure there is no shortage of creative and inspired meat creations. I had a pretty good idea of what to expect, as it was my second year at this event (click here to check out last year’s coverage). Picture the overwhelming smell of BBQ, combined with gratuitous amounts of meat samples being passed around at nearly every tent, and an endless supply of beer flowing from the taps, and you have the recipe for a great festival. The weather looked bleak at first, but event organizers breathed a sigh of relief as the sun came out and the rain clouds dissipated.
The Electric Timber Co. provided the live music throughout the afternoon to keep the mood lively. Phillips Brewing was the official beer sponsor and they made sure the crowds stayed well lubricated in the summer heat.
Large crowds gathered at the Two Rivers Specialty Meats booth, where they were back to their old tricks again, with their crowd-pleasing tomahawk steak, which was a dazzling visual and culinary masterpiece.
Some of the more popular restaurants like the new Torafuku in Chinatown saw long lineups at their tents. With so many booths to visit, it’s really difficult to try every single one, so you do kind of need to pick and choose your battles. Whenever you saw a lineup, it was a good idea to get in the back of it, as festival goers were happy to spread the word about the must-try dishes. Some of the more busier booths even ran out of food as they couldn’t keep up with the demand.
LeftWest Restaurant had a Chinese-style porchetta with scallion pancake and pickled vegetables. Right: Gastown’s Wildebeest served up a grilled bison with cabbage slaw, with caramelized onions and chips.
Event catering company Savoury Chef Foods showed off their char siu chicken wings with spicy cucumber salad.

If you plan on attending this festival next year, remember to slap on some sunscreen and go on an empty stomach. And make sure you clear your schedule because you’re likely going to be napping after spending the afternoon soaking in the beer, meat, and sun. Brewery and The Beast invades Calgary on August 23rd, and Victoria on September 27th. For more information, visit the festival website here.

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