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There’s nothing quite like going to bed with a set of new bedsheets after a long day. As working parents, we totally understand how busy things get and how difficult it can be to get some good sleep in without interruptions from the little one, or thinking about things you couldn’t get to that day.

During the work week, we usually leave the home in a frenzy and with breakfast on the go. On weekends, there is no such thing as sleeping in with a toddler, and we try our best to slow our mornings down. Having breakfast in bed in a rare treat – the last time we enjoyed this was when our baby was still in my belly, and she’s now almost 16 months old. So if having new sheets is a good excuse to have breakfast in bed, then I’ll happily get into the habit of changing them more often!

We both love breakfast, and it is my favourite meal of the day. It fuels you for the day ahead, and it sets the tone for the rest of your meals. As much as I would love to spend all my time in the kitchen cooking and eating, I’m sure our toddler wouldn’t appreciate that very much despite how much fun she has with her magnetic alphabet letters on our fridge. So I’ve learned to work smarter in the kitchen, ensuring that we all get enough nutrients in every meal.

Our go-to breakfast dish is usually some sort of meat-hash, but I didn’t have potatoes that day. I did, however, have some freshly picked figs that I had been meaning to put on toast. I don’t normally opt for sweet breakfast dishes – I’m a savoury kind of gal – but this one was a nice treat, and  packed with protein.

Here’s how I made the fig toast:


2 slices of toast (multi-grain, whole wheat, whatever tickles your fancy)
1/4 cup of ricotta cheese
1 teaspoon of honey, and a little extra for the drizzle (optional)
1 fresh fig
Salt to taste


Toast your bread. While it’s toasting, set aside the ricotta cheese, measure the honey and mix it into the ricotta with a spoon. Slice the fig horizontally or vertically. Spread the ricotta cheese on the toast and lay your sliced figs on top. Drizzle that extra honey if you want some extra sweetness, and sprinkle some sea salt flakes to taste.

The cranberry and orange scones we had that morning were very lovely and made by husband, but I can’t give him all the credit. He brought home pre-made scone mix from Gabi & Jules, and all he did was add buttermilk to create the batter, and sprinkle some sugar over top before popping it in to the oven. This was a very quick and low effort breakfast, and we were able to enjoy it with our daughter, who is just as big of a foodie as we are.

Soon after clean up, it was time for the little one to nap. And with a little convincing, we decided to take a nap ourselves in our new sheets from bedface. Their matte finish sheets are thick and more textured than most bedsheets, but are super comfortable and get softer with each wash. When I think of thick sheets, flannel and polyester come to mind, but these are 100% cotton and breathable (you’re welcome, stomach sleepers). What I really like about them is that they offer sleep sets in different colours. Normally, most pre-packaged sheet sets are sold in the same colour, but our Avocado set looks like it was selected for a magazine shoot. Of course, you can purchase your sheets, covers, and pillow cases la carte. You can even shop their Ola Volo Artslandia collection.

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