Why You Should Tap Into Vancouver’s Amazing Second-Hand Economy

Being a parent to a toddler, it’s made me increasingly realize that we often live in a world of consumption and waste. It especially feels that way as soon as I buy something for my child these days, since I’m packing it into storage soon after. So after accumulating so much stuff that I no longer use or need, it’s finally time to do something about it.

Kijiji has recently launched an inspiring four-part web series titled, “Second-Hand Van” that sheds light on how Vancouverites are leveraging the second-hand economy right here on the West Coast to help improve their lives, save money and lessen their carbon footprint.

The videos are hosted by second-hand economy expert Daniel Fu, whom you might recognize from the OLN show ‘The Liquidator’.
Daniel Fu

We had some questions for Daniel:

What was your biggest takeaway during the filming of “Second-Hand Van?”

While taping, I had the opportunity to meet all of the fascinating characters we featured throughout the web series. All of them come from different walks of life – from Tofino surfers to vintage bikers and #vanlife enthusiasts to Art Directors – and are doing amazing things with the second-hand economy to not only benefit their own lives, but the lives of those around them. It made me realize how truly great it is to be part of a city that embraces diversity to its fullest.

What are some tips that you can offer Vancouverites when it comes to buying second-hand items?

Find out as much information about the item you are buying by asking as many questions as possible. Sellers are usually open to sharing a lot of information about the item and the reason why they’re selling. Make sure you listen carefully and see if you can leverage that information to negotiate the price down. For example, if a seller is moving in a week and needs to get rid of a couch, it’s likely he’ll reduce the price because he/she has to make a quick sale – use that to your advantage and always ask for a deal. It never hurts to try!

What are some selling tips you can offer to Vancouverites looking to make some extra pocket cash this summer?

Be on the lookout for items that you haven’t used in the last year, and if you don’t need it and it doesn’t have any sentimental value, sell it to make some extra pocket cash! I recommend everyone to follow this decluttering rule – if you buy one item, get rid of an item.

What is the strangest second-hand thing that you’ve ever purchased for yourself?

Strangest thing I ever purchased was a Bison head. I ended up reselling it right after I bought it and made money off it!

I often hear about people finding second hand gems from cars to vintage furniture to video games. What was your nicest find, and what are some tips that you would offer people to find gems of their own?

I once purchased a Mr. T Doll from the late 80s at an amazing price. To me, it was a true gem as I love pop culture and American items. A pro-tip for people is to do your research online in advance of purchasing anything – the internet is your friend and it can practically tell you anything you need to know about an item or antique. Gone are the days where you need to go to a specialist to get appraisals.

For me, I’m already behind in my Spring cleaning this year, so you can bet that I’ll be decluttering my garage this weekend and looking for things to list and sell.

Check out the first episode of Kijiji’s Second-Hand Van web series below:

You can find the rest of the videos here: secondhandvan.ca


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