Cirque du Soleil: Kurios (Vancouver)

Cirque du Soleil contortionistsI’ve always been a fan of the circus, specifically Cirque du Soleil productions. Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to watch several shows from the venerable Montreal circus troupe act, including TOTEM, KOOZA, and Amaluna, and knowing what to expect from them, I always leave their shows with a smile on my face having been fully entertained from start to finish. Kurios was no exception, and I would go on record to say that it was the most entertaining production out of the ones that I had previously watched. Even the most familiar routines are given new life through creative presentation and staging. Without spoiling it for you, let’s just say they take a lot of ‘typical’ circus acts (eg. chair stacking routine) and put an extra twist on them to make them even more imaginative or death-defying. Their set and costume design is always on point, but I really appreciated the level of detail that went into this show, as it really takes your mind and imagination away and transports you to a magical whimsical place for the whole two hours.Cirque du Soleil set design
The Kurios storyline revolves around a mad scientist who goes about trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe through the wonders found in his science lab. The story is tied together with a series of amazing circus and theatrical routines as visualized through an enthralling Victorian-era, steampunk aesthetic.
Cirque du Soleil acrobat
There were two scenes specifically that had me in stitches. One being the one when the clown invited a female audience member to the stage and then proceeds to impersonate a house cat. And the other was the finger acrobat scene at the end, which included a hilarious breakdancing routine. It might have been funnier to me because I used to be quite the prolific finger breakdancer.
Cirque du Soleil costume designCirque du Soleil Kurios
If you haven’t checked out Kurios yet, I really encourage you to do so. The show runs until December 31st, so you still have a few weeks to get in there. Tickets can be purchased from the Cirque du Soleil website here.

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